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How To Survive The Summer Traffic Jams

08/19/2014 13:20:06
How To Survive The Summer Traffic Jams
Currently motorists spend a lot of time in traffic jams. And it happens in any weather. Rain and frost, wind and snow. Especially it is hard in the summer heat. Heat checks drivers on strength, especially those who don’t have air conditioning in the

Traveling in the congested peak periods can ruin the start or end of a holiday. Hot weather—a risk factor for drivers. In hot weather, many people have dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness. This reduces the concentration and speed of response to emergency driving situations.

Drivers need to monitor their health while driving, plan trips over long distances, it is desirable in the morning or after sunset. To survive the heat on the road will help refreshing drinks. If you feel unwell or overheated—stay in the shade and relax. Leave the wheel, walk, open all the windows in the car and make sure that you feel satisfactory then continue driving. In any case, do not leave children in a closed car.

Currently motorists spend a lot of time in traffic jams. And it happens in any weather. Rain and frost, wind and snow. Especially it is hard in the summer heat. Heat checks drivers on strength, especially those who don’t have air conditioning in the car.

What should you do to survive the tedious wait in traffic jams in these hot days?



Here are some advices:

1. Do not sit in the car immediately. Open the door, let the hot air out and the cool goes into interior. If you have air conditioning, turn it on. When in the cabin will be more cooler, you can go on.

2. Try to move the trip for the early morning or evening. The streets are not so hot as in the middle of the day, and less congestion.

3. Try to park your car in the shade. In the sun, the car heats up quickly, especially if your car is dark colored.

4. Use the air conditioner properly. Do not turn to the maximum mode. The short transition from heat outside to icy air in the cabin leads to cold. Best temperature 20… 22 ° C. Do not direct the cold air to the windshield. It may suffer because of the extreme temperatures.

5. Be sure to cover the leather seats. Your back will be less sweating and you will not be blown till the end of the trip.

6. Stop every two hours. Think about this before you get stuck in that traffic nightmare.

7. If you stuck in a traffic with your kids, make their journey not so boring. For example, keep always backpacks with coloring books, crayons, books for reading, and a few small toys for the kids while driving long distances.



Payattention on these strategies and try to make your trip more comfortable. Besides, the best way to go in a summer vacation is to book a flight. In the air there is no traffic jams :)



A poem about the summer’s heat:

Traffic Jam in Summer’s Heat

In the schisms of light changes,
Between the honking horns of crying babies
And angry mothers,
The cars hunched in anticipation
Like the smoker’s tongue rolling
Against the teeth for that nicotine speed.
A starry-eyed woman blinked with no destination
In her husband’s Bentley.
The rumbling is the crunching grind of helmets
In a pigskin scrimmage.
I can barely stand the
Of brake-lights.
Car’s trembling is the twitching squirrel
Panic-caught in a light-socket.
Even if the slim traffic-conductor
That burns like plastic on the fire
Yields us through like a coaxing father,
Hollow eyes don’t yield the lethargic feet.
Remnants of the second millennium’s gas-scorn,
Our can-do attitudes goad our chariots to
Hack And Spit
Dust-Sludge in gridlocked gossip.

Kara Rose Trojan       


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